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Reformer Pilates

Essential Level

Immediate Level

Advance Level

What Is Reformer Pilates?


Reformer Pilates is the Pilates method of movement done on a reformer. “A reformer is an apparatus designed with a system of springs and pulleys that allows an exercise to become more accessible (read: easier) or more challenging based on the choice of setup.

What is Pilates jump class?

Cardio Jumpboard Pilates Reformer Class is one of our intermediate Reformer Pilates classes. Cardio Jumpboard requires you to jump while lying down, it feels very much like skipping. We added Cardio Jumpboard to encourage members to do cardiovascular workout.



Low impact cardio

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Restorative Class

Recenter your body and mind

Restorative Pilates

Restorative Pilates is a class specifically designed to improve balance and flexibility, as well as assist in rehabilitation from injury or surgery. If you have back pain, a knee injury, hip replacements, or a shoulder impingement, this is the class for you!

Golf and Pilates are a perfect match. The functional strength and length you gain from a regular Pilates practice is the perfect combination for a golfer. Golf and Pilates share many of the same fundamentals such as breathing, centering, fluidity, concentration, and proper body alignment.

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Golf Pilates

The perfect pair

This class incorporates resistance training through body weight, heavy springs, and other equipment: such as small weights, kettlebells, or resistance bands. The resistance is what helps build muscular strength, stability, and endurance.

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Strength Training Pilates

Build Muscle & Strength

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